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Foxtail Millet

A rather ordinary millet with extraordinary super powers is what Foxtail Millet is about! While you may be calling Foxtail by the name of Kangi, Navane, THinai, Kang or Rala, this is one of the strongest pillars for good hair and skin health, Foxtail is most in demand for preventing Type 2 Diabetes, heart diseases, improves Glycaemic control, reduces Insulin, lasting weight loss and Alzheimer’s.All foxtails have a hardened tip, sometimes called a "callus", and retrorse barbs, pointing away from the tip of the callus. Wild barleys have clusters of three spikelets, and the callus is the portion of the rachis to which they attach.

Finger Millet/ Ragi

Ragi continues to be the most undervalued millet and has often lost to the Wheat Family and Rice because of its coarser texture and its inability to form perfectly risen breads. However, this miracle gluten-free grain is truly the nutri-cereal! It has intense environmental and nutritional value and is often the most effective cure for diabetes, thyroid, obesity and cholesterol, to name a few. Its remarkably high level of calcium, micronutrients and sulphur amino acid-rich proteins, the earthy notes of this wonder-foodis best appreciated as roti, bhakri, dosa, pancakes, porridge and upma!

Kodo Millet

A true antiquity of the Indian soil, Kodo( also known as Kodra, Varagu, Arikelu, Harka) is the most under-rated millet in the Millet Family and yet the most potent one. An excellent source of fibre (9%) as opposed to rice (0.2%) and wheat (1.2%), this millet is invincible with its iron, calcium and low phosphorus content. Interestingly, this millet has taken the keto world by a storm! Best known for its quick gelatinization property has made baking breads or cakes easy and definitely healthy.

Browntop Millet

A millet with a strong survival instinct in the farm, this small millet comes in a raw, unpolished form that can be best used to ferment idli or dosa batters and bread mixes. This grain is ideal for individuals battling lifestyle diseases. Nutrition dense, gluten-free and a booster of strength and immunity, Browntop Millet lowers incidences of cardiovascular diseases, duodenal ulcer and diabetes. This millet is also widely known as Pedda sama, Kula Samai, Markra, or Chama Pothaval.

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